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General Dentistry Services

At Robert L. Coe DDS Family Dentistry, we offer a unique blend of modern dental services mixed with traditional values and service. We only use state-of-the-art equipment, technologies and techniques, designed to provide you with a comfortable experience and the results you need, want, and deserve. Our team is also committed to ensuring you can afford your dental care by offering competitive prices and working with your insurance. We have preventative, cosmetic, and restorative treatments for the whole family, and we are always honest with you about the treatment you need.

Achieve a Strong, Healthy, Beautiful Smile You are Confident In

Preventative Dentistry

We recommend you visit our practice at least twice a year for a routine check-up and cleaning. These appointments are important because no matter how thoroughly you clean your teeth at home, you may be developing dental issues that are best caught early on. During a cleaning, our hygienist will remove difficult-to-remove plaque and tartar build-up from the teeth and gums. She will also check the mouth for any decay, gum irritation, or signs of oral cancer. We will also provide x-rays, treatment planning, and second opinions as needed. We always offer honest advice and treatments!

Periodontal Services

At our practice, we don’t just address the teeth; we also want the structures surrounding your teeth to be as healthy as possible. When not taken care of properly, the gums can become irritated and infected. Mild irritation is referred to as gingivitis, and if left untreated, this can lead to periodontitis, which often results in tooth loss.

If you have gum disease, we can provide ongoing periodontal therapy, including scaling and root planing. In this procedure, we clean out bacteria from underneath the gumline and then smooth out the root structures. This allows the gums to properly adhere to the roots of the teeth, preventing additional bacteria build-up.

Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth from injury or extraction, a dental implant can provide you with a permanent restoration option. It consists of titanium posts, which are surgically inserted into the bone beneath the gums. These posts provide a stable foundation for replacement crowns, bridges, or dentures by fusing to the jawbone.

If you are a candidate for dental implants, we will recommend you to a qualified oral surgeon to perform the procedure. Our doctor can complete the final crown restoration once the area is properly healed.

Pediatric Dental Services

Our practice understands that children can find going to the dentist to be a stressful experience. That’s why we go out of our way to ensure your child is welcomed, comfortable, and has fun whenever he or she is in our office! Our team is gentle and compassionate, and we understand children’s unique needs.


Sealants are plastic coatings that we put on children’s back molars to prevent decay. These teeth are very grooved on the top, which makes them difficult to properly clean. This means they are more susceptible to plaque buildup and cavities. However, sealants smooth out the tops of the teeth, making them easier to brush and protecting them from decay.


Fluoride is an element that helps to strengthen tooth enamel. Most tap water is already fluoridated, but sometimes children require more fluoride in order to properly protect their smiles. At your child’s routine cleaning, we will determine if they need a fluoride treatment to keep their teeth healthy and strong.

Geriatric Dental Services

Our practice is proud to treat members of the whole family, and we specialize in geriatric dental services. We understand the unique dental needs of the elderly and strive to meet them!

Dentures and Partials

Whether you are missing all of your teeth or just one tooth, dentures or partials may work for you! These are removable teeth replacement options. We make sure to take accurate, precise measurements of your mouth, jaw, and face to ensure that we custom-create your dentures to fit securely and comfortably in your mouth. Your dentures will allow you to chew and speak more easily, and they will restore your confidence in your smile!


Bridges are another replacement option for missing teeth. They are non-removable and therefore more stable and secure than dentures. However, they are a good option for older patients who may not have sufficient jawbone to support dental implants. A bridge consists of crowns that are placed on the teeth on either side of the gap. These crowns are connected to an abutment that is inserted inside of the gap. This abutment, supported by the bridge, functions and looks like a real tooth.

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